Where you spend your waking hours determines what dreams yr fighting for…

Sometimes I feel totally helpless in the lessening of the climate crisis; I feel as if my personal actions & reservations cannot alleviate climate injustice, and I feel flashes of disempowerment as a result.

However, at the same time I feel powerful enough to take on the world. And I believe that I can change myself, and influence those around me. I believe in critical mass, I believe in democracy, and I believe in the goodness within us all.

The solution to global change is akin to a carefully & strategically planned game of dominoes.  I adjust my choices, and those choices influence my closest family and friends. Their choices, then, influence the people in their life. Soon enough we are all demanding a more efficient public transit system, a stronger emphasis on food sovereignty, and completely rethink our dependency on oil.

In order to achieve these asks, we need to rethink our system (which p.s. is totally broken and failing us). The confinements of our societies are human-created and malleable, regardless of what any bureaucrat or industry CEO will tell me, you, or anyone else. Once we stop blindly walking through life under the assumption that whatever is will be, we will regain our power and come together (critical mass, yeah!) to adjust our system. Our world could become just, sustainable, and liveable for all. Hey, wouldn’t that be neat? We can’t forget that our broken economic system isn’t a force of nature! It isn’t the 1st or 2nd law of thermodynamics. It isn’t entropy. (Thanks David Suzuki for that revelation!) Our system was created by us, and it can be destroyed (and recreated) by us.

After the most devastating forest fire already exists forest rebirth beneath the ashes. That can only mean beyond the veil of the (very serious) climate crisis already exists hope.

xx mvb