Saskatchewan Citizens’ Hearings on Climate Change

[Edit: Check out the final report from the Hearings here.]

I am helping to organize a climate change event that will be bigger than any other climate-specific event ever held in Saskatchewan, in recent history. We’ve been organizing this event all year, and I hope it will be a great success.

The two-day event will feature a diverse mix of presentations on climate change, its impacts, and solutions. There will be presentations by scientists, ethicists, labour and business leaders, energy experts, young environmental leaders, farmers, first nations, fishers, parents and grandparents, and many others. Most importantly, the hearings will be a chance for the too-often voiceless victims of climate change to let their stories be known.

Four Commissioners will listen to the presentations and draft a report summarizing the testimony. This report will become a major educational and organizing tool for Saskatchewan communities working on climate change and energy alternatives.

The event is free, open to everyone, and designed to catalyze discussion and action on climate change impacts and responses.

When: November 1st & 2nd; 9AM to 9PM
Where: The Refinery Arts & Spirit Centre in Saskatoon

If you live in or around Saskatoon, I hope you’ll come and witness the fruits of our labour! (And hopefully learn something.)

You can check out our website here:
Twitter: @climatesk

And if you would like to learn a bit more about climate change before coming to the event, check out the October 2013 edition of the Saskatchewan Climate Times, put together by yours truly and my fabulous organizing colleagues.

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