20 years of climate talks (srsly?)

Today marks the end of the 20th year negotiators have come together to discuss climate policy. You’d think they would have figured it out by now. (Hint: they haven’t and it’s really sad.)

I went to Lima with a brilliant & empowering team of young women from across Canada. I admire their brains, humour, and strength! Our main objective in Lima was to call attention to the Canadian government’s climate inaction.

Here are some thing-thangs that I wrote (sometimes alone, sometimes with friends) and published on rabble.ca:

1. Canadian Youth Delegation open letter to the Canadian government, Nov 27. Read more.

2. Canada’s facepalm moment: carbon capture just doesn’t work, Nov 30. Read more.

3. Linking moral judgement with climate change, Dec 1. Read more.

4. We must stand with communities on the frontlines of our climate inaction, Dec 7. Read more.

5. Canadian Youth Delegation reflects on COP 20: Youth and frontline voices silenced at UN climate talks, Dec 13. Read more.

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