when tired learn to rest, not quit

Mental illness is drastically increasing at alarming rates. I’ve been reflecting a lot on this lately, as I oscillate between highs and lows in my personal mental health. This can be uncomfortable, sad, scary, and at times, completely life-altering. Of course, there are many reasons for the prevailing reality of increased mental illness in today’s day: […]

I’m 31 & I want to stop climate change

31 years ago, the year I was born, NASA scientist Jason Hansen told US Congress that the age of climate change had arrived. Until then, scientists had been cautious about attributing rising global temperatures to an increase of pollutants in the atmosphere. But in 1988, Hansen confirmed that NASA was certain that the warming trend […]

20 years of climate talks (srsly?)

Today marks the end of the 20th year negotiators have come together to discuss climate policy. You’d think they would have figured it out by now. (Hint: they haven’t and it’s really sad.) I went to Lima with a brilliant & empowering team of young women from across Canada. I admire their brains, humour, and strength! Our […]