Excerpts: “Working Through Environmental Despair”

Joanna Macy describes the fears that keep us captive and the principles of empowerment in her essay, “Working Through Environmental Despair“. These are my favourite bits: Our culture conditions us to view pain as dysfunctional. (pg. 5) Taking action on behalf of our common world has unfortunately become confused with winning an argument. (pg. 6) […]

The catalyst for change

I often struggle with a sense of belonging. This struggle is most apparent when I go home after a period of being away. I live in a land-locked province lush with natural beauty. I might argue that it is Canada’s best kept secret. In the north, there are trees so tall and so strong, juxtaposed […]


I often contemplate why so many people around the world disregard the well-being of our environment — the ecosystems and human systems — and I have a hard time understanding why I so intrinsically feel connected to everything and everyone on our planet. Lately I’ve begun remembering specific memories I have from my childhood, and […]

I read it in The Star!

Please enjoy the following op .ed., written by yours truly, followed by a dismissive letter from a notorious climate change denier, followed by several letters from those who believe in science & facts & all that. Originally published in the Star Phoenix. And they just keep coming and coming and coming…