Excerpts: “Working Through Environmental Despair”

Joanna Macy describes the fears that keep us captive and the principles of empowerment in her essay, “Working Through Environmental Despair“. These are my favourite bits: Our culture conditions us to view pain as dysfunctional. (pg. 5) Taking action on behalf of our common world has unfortunately become confused with winning an argument. (pg. 6) […]

when tired learn to rest, not quit

Mental illness is drastically increasing at alarming rates. I’ve been reflecting a lot on this lately, as I oscillate between highs and lows in my personal mental health. This can be uncomfortable, sad, scary, and at times, completely life-altering. Of course, there are many reasons for the prevailing reality of increased mental illness in today’s day: […]

I’m 31 & I want to stop climate change

31 years ago, the year I was born, NASA scientist Jason Hansen told US Congress that the age of climate change had arrived. Until then, scientists had been cautious about attributing rising global temperatures to an increase of pollutants in the atmosphere. But in 1988, Hansen confirmed that NASA was certain that the warming trend […]

The catalyst for change

I often struggle with a sense of belonging. This struggle is most apparent when I go home after a period of being away. I live in a land-locked province lush with natural beauty. I might argue that it is Canada’s best kept secret. In the north, there are trees so tall and so strong, juxtaposed […]


I often contemplate why so many people around the world disregard the well-being of our environment — the ecosystems and human systems — and I have a hard time understanding why I so intrinsically feel connected to everything and everyone on our planet. Lately I’ve begun remembering specific memories I have from my childhood, and […]


If ya’ll are good at internet sleuthing, you might notice that a similarly-named blog exists in the blogosphere called mvbphotography.ca. Yes, that’s mine too! Photography and ecology are kind of my two “things”. They’re what I’m known for in my neck of the woods. If peeps need photos, they come at me. If peeps want […]